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Fire Watches
A fire watch is necessary when a fire suppression
system (i.e. “sprinklers”) is not in working order.  
Fire watches are often mandated by the local Fire
Marshall’s office to monitor a structure that has a faulty
fire suppression system and may present a danger to
the life and safety of its occupants.  

Unlike other companies, Nortex Security uses paid,
professional firefighters that are actively certified by
the Texas Commission on Fire Protection in structural
firefighting.  Their extensive fire training and years of
experience in the field make us second to none.  
If the need for a fire watch arises it can be a costly
expense.  Insurance companies would much rather
have professionals monitoring a structure than someone
with no knowledge of fire suppression.   
Don’t trust your business to anyone else.
If a security company doesn’t
know how these work, then
they have no business doing
a fire watch.
We monitor for fire hazards,
develop exit plans,
understand occupancy
loads and other building
fire codes.